It's been a long time since anything happened here. Velocity is still pretty much on hiatus, but I've rewritten the server backend and the level editor is slowly getting along. While working on the backend I felt like replacing the php scripts that have been powering this website so far (and before the rewrite, also the leaderboards). While doing that, changing the design of the website seemed like a good idea... And here we are now.

I've also got another game project going at the moment, which I will focus on next summer. Right now university is taking priority. I'm working on the project with a friend, and it'll be completely different to anything that I've made before. I'll also try to sneak in a bit of time for Velocity here and there, but I've learned to not make any estimations on release dates while working like that. You'll just have to wait and hope.

Some of you also told me that some of the download links weren't working any more, and indeed Google seems to have flagged them for some reason. From now on you can download the games directly from my server.

Anyways, thanks for all the feedback I've gotten in the time where nothing has happened here, it's great to know that people still care about a game I started so long ago and update so rarely. I hope you all have a great day!