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WIP. Bunnyhopping with leaderboards and a level editor.


A 2D pinball game with a level editor. Made for a course in university.

Ludum Dare Games

All of the following games were made in the course of a weekend with a strict 72 hour time limit. Therefore they are more like an exploration of an idea rather than a full game experience. They also may contain bugs. A lot of them.

Ludum Dare 33: Dragon Defense

You are a dragon, use your abilities to defend your cave from attackers that are out to kill you. Topic: You are the Monster

Ludum Dare 32: Warpstrike

Teleport next to enemies to stun them, and try to reach the end of the level without being caught. Topic: An Unconventional Weapon

Ludum Dare 31: Is this the only puzzle?

A short, weird puzzle on one screen (literally). My first Ludum Dare entry. Topic: Entire Game on One Screen